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The Dordrán

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It's all about the bass

The Dordrán

Dordrán - the bass bodhrán made with and for Dónal Lunny.

The name is a mixture of the Irish word Dord=Bass and bodhrán.

The Dordrán is the end result of over four years of collaboration and development work between Dónal Lunny and Christian Hedwitschak.

tonal percussion

The Bass Bodhrán

When asked what the difference is between a bodhrán and other drums, one often hears the answer that the bodhrán is a "tonal percussion" or also a "mixture of drums and bass".

For many years, Dónal Lunny has been shaping precisely this bass playing style, in which downright bass runs are played through pressure techniques of the skin hand. The bass bodhrán is struck either with a soft, large-ended tipper or - as is usually the case with Dónal - with the hand.

The Dordrán was developed precisely for this playing technique.

Dordran Bodhran back

The Tuning System

In order to be able to better implement the pressure techniques of the skin hand, a cross brace was specially developed for this purpose, which can be adjusted without tools and even dismantled, and which is acoustically insulated from the drum frame - the supportHED.

The special shape of the Dordrán was also developed entirely for this playing technique, and the tool-less tuning screws were integrated according to the shape.

The tuning system is the so-called HiLo tuning system, which was developed especially for oriental frame drums, but also for all frame drums where the greatest possible vibration transmission to the main frame is required. It works counter-clockwise, so left = high, right = low... HiLo!

Eldorado for bass lovers

The Design

The Dordrán is 40cm in diameter (about 16"), 15cm deep, has a DRAGONSkin drumhead which is relatively soft and thick, and has sophisticated cutouts which are equally playable for right- and left-handers and still allow different holding positions of the drum, so that the head is not played on one side. This increases the tuning stability and durability of the drumhead.

The frame is made of figured mirrored ash and has an oil and wax finish. Traditionalists in particular will be very pleased that the Dordrán does not require any "tape" on the drumhead.

The Dordrán is really a very special bodhrán that opens up new sound possibilities even for experienced bodhrán players and is a real Eldorado, especially for bass lovers.

Dordran Bodhran skin
234786444_3102912779998290_8214466277660985591_n-fd9f781b ::bodhran-info:: - Dordrán

"In jazz bass playing the strings ar plucked horizontally, they vibrate sideways, which gives a lot more sustain."In jazz bass playing the strings ar plucked horizontally, they vibrate sideways, which gives a lot more sustain. The Dordrán's sustain is more like the response of an orchestral bass, where the strings are plucked pizzicato, so they vibrate vertically to the fingerboard. That produces the charactericstic "boom" of the bass notes, which are shorter, leaving those infinitely deep spaces in between, which on the bodhrán, are bridged by the ropewalk rhythm of the ligher beats".

€ 550,00

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  • Donal Lunny bass bodhran
  • diameter 40 cm
  • frame depth 15 cm
  • solid figured ash frame
  • DRAGONSkin drumhead
  • HiLo tuning system
  • ergonomic frame
  • supportHED crossbrace
Date available: 30.11.2024
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