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Welcome to the videos. I gathered a small collection of videos from youtube that is more or less related to myself. First of all, a few live recordings, mainly gigs, but also a recording of a session in Ennis that I really like.

The Munich Sessions - Reels

Rolf Wagels (2), teacher's recital - Craiceann Bodhrán Festival 2017

Cara - Cain's war

Cara Live Trailer 2017

Cara - Time to be worried

The Munich Sessions - Jigs

Cara - Anchor in the Sky

Teacher's recital: Rolf Wagels, Craiceann Bodhrán Festival 2016

CARA - The Oliver Plunkett, 35th Cork Folk Festival, Cork,Ireland 05.10.14.

Bodhran Duett Eamon Murray Rolf Wagels

Teachers recital: Rolf Wagels - Craiceann video notes 2015

Cara live 2015 - Masters of Consequence and Bodhrán Solo by Rolf Wagels (14/20)

Cara live 2015 - Baby Steps to Whiskey (6/20)

Rolf Wagels, recital of tutors - Craiceann 2014 video notes

Lord of The Isles' Ferry Ceildh-Colonsay to Oban.15-9-2013

Rolf Wagels mit Cara in der Stadtkirche Meiningen

CARA Irish Folk Music and Rolf Wagels Bodhran Solo - Concert Bad Homburg 1.3.2012 HD


Bodhran Solo by Rolf Wagels

Cara live 2015 - The Inishturk Set (2/20)

Rolf Wagels and Micheal O hAlmhain, teacher's recital, Craiceann Bodhran Festival 2012

Crosswind feat. Rolf Wagels: Bodhrán Witze & Reel Set

Rolf Wagels Bodhran Solo Vollmerz 2006

Cara live - Mike's Ride

Cara live - And Off He Went

Solo St Chartier

Cara live - Torn Screen Door

Cara live - Rain

Cara Promo Video

Pub Session in Tom Steele's, Ennis

Cara live on TV

Rolf's solo KCIF 2010.MOV

Sinead & Nuala Hayes with Tobias Kurig & Rolf Wagels

Sinead & Nuala Hayes w. Tobias Kurig & Rolf Wagels in Bochum

Handstyle BodhranSolo Rolf Wagels

Caitlin Nic Gabhann (Concertina) Rolf Wagels (Bodhran)

Ryan Murphy and Rolf Wagels @ Session in Wimborne playing The Sligo Maid reel

Rolf Wagels (2) - Teacher's Recital Craiceann Bodhrán Festival 2018

20 years of BodhranWeekend Showcase Rolf Wagels

Cillian Vallely zum 75. Tionól der DUPG Proitze 2016 " Konzert"

Next, a few videos about the RWE, including two promo videos, (one in German, one in English) and a some "gigs" of the RWE with different musicians.

Die RWE (Rolf Wagels Edition) bodhrán

The RWE (Rolf Wagels Edition) bodhrán

Cara - Horizon EPK

FullSet - Tree Reels, Glenstal Abbey 2011

FullSet - The Heathery Cruach, Duiske Abbey 2011

The Michael McGoldrick Band performing "Farewell to Whalley Range & Roddy McDonald's Fancy"

Munnelly Band - bodhran solo

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