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The HEDge

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not just vegan

The HEDge

The HEDge is not only vegan because of the synthetic drumhead. No animal products such e.g. beeswax are used in the frame material, glue and surface material either.
The name HEDge (hedge) is meant to highlight precisely this environmental thought, sustainability and vegan construction.

The HEDge allows the use of any synthetic 14″ drumheads, making it easy to tailor your own individual sounds. And all of this with a highly innovative head change system that allows for a quick and tool-free head change.

dermot4-88aed865 ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge

“This drum is not just a vegan drum. There has been a huge evolution in bodhran making over the past few decades, this is the definite next step. For me this is the ultimate professional stage drum.”

just a little twist

Innovative Head Change System

It's all about standard 14" synthetic drumheads, just like you get them all over the world and from different manufacturers.
Turning in the literal sense! Because after loosening the tuning screws tool-free, the complete tuning system can be removed with a small twist to the right, and the drumhead can be changed in seconds.
Then insert the tuning system again, turn it slightly to the left until it stops, and the drum can be tightened and tuned again.

Hedge_03-d510bcf6 ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge
Hedge_04-c89562a6 ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge
Nose to tail

The Frame

All the parts of the concave frame of the HEDge are made of solid figured ash in a sustainable nose-to-tail philosophy.

This means that an entire trunk is completely made use of. By innovative design and state-of-the-art CNC production technology, high-quality drum rings are made even from small pieces of off-cuts.

The jigsaw puzzle-like wooden joints which were developed for this purpose not only ensure maximum stability, but they also look very decorative. The dark inlays in the main frame are made of extremely hard Wenge wood.

This is where traditional craftsmanship, expertise and contemporary production technology come together to create a coherent musical instrument of the highest standard.

Industry standard

The Skin

By using the worldwide industry standard for mounting, any 14 inch drumhead available in music stores can be used. The possibilities are therefore endless. Do you want a deep, attack-heavy sound with short sustain, like a compressed heavy metal bass drum? How about a sound that is tonally close to goatskin? Do you want to try timpani-style calfskin sound?  How about a virtually silent practice head? These are just a few of the possibilities! Every HEDge comes with a HEDge Universal REMO Skyntone® Drumhead. These were taped by Christian Hedwitschak with a special technique and produce an individual, balanced sound.

Synthetic heads are characterised by high tuning stability even under extreme climatic conditions.

Hedge_05-fed8a15b ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge

How to change the skin

IMPORTANT! Natural drumheads on the HEDge

The HEDge is specially designed for SYNTHETIC DRUM SKINS.
Even if natural drumheads on 14" aluminum frames are available on the market (mostly calf or kangaroo), they are not suitable for the HEDge!
Natural skins require a larger tuning hub, a different bearing edge and a higher counter pressure.

The use of natural skins on the HEDge can lead to irreparable damage to the drum, as natural skins can „pull-after". (shrinking in dry/ warm conditions). 
We strongly advise against using natural drumheads on the HEDge!

The Optimal sound
isolatHED_Logo_Farbe ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge

With the isolatHED technology all contact points of the tuning screws are decoupled acoustically. This means the outer frame, which is in contact with the player’s body, holds the drum skin, and supports all components of the tuning system and the tuning rim, which takes the sound off the drum skin like a pickup or a bridge, are totally separeted.
As a result, the brilliance of sound is significantly improved, and the frequency spectrum becomes much more homogeneous. 

Clear acoustics

In the years 2010/2011 we developed the so-called compressor tuning system in close cooperation with Christian Hedwitschak. This is a relatively high, funnel shaped tuning ring which influences the overtones and the overall frequencies of the bodhrán in a positive way.

The drums fitted with the compressor rim give a defined and dry sound which on the one hand makes recording and mixing easier and on the other hand allows the drum to cut through very well acoustically without being loud.


dermot1-463bced9 ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge

I’ve been playing Christian’s synthetic head drums for a few years and I absolutely love them. They’ve consistently been my go to drum.

Since I’ve started playing the HEDge I’ve experienced an expertly developed drum, far superior to anything I have played before across all scenarios, be it on stage, in studio recording or simply playing sessions.

The build quality and design is so brilliant. A new head can be changed effortlessly. This means one can maintain an ongoing top quality tone on their instrument.
What really sets the HEDge apart from other drums is the beautiful low end sustain, it’s absolutely incredible and will certainly develop and evolve a playing style on Bodhrán similar to double bass accompaniment with naturally a percussive snap.

This is the definite next step in the evolution of Bodhrán playing. I feel like I’ve adapted my playing to suit the drum too. It’s far more responsive and exact than any drum I’ve experienced before. An absolute must have for people who are serious about Bodhrán playing.

kevin_sm-8a3fe5ac ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge

"I have this bodhran as well as Dermot Sheedy who just recorded on my album with a HEDge. This is currently the best bodhrán on the market today.

It plays amazingly acoustic as well as trough a sound system. I highly recommend this drum for the any player looking for a reliable drum with great tone from the low end to the top end.

It's built with precision and expert craftsmanship, and I will be releasing music from several projects soon which used this drum in the studio."

detail-a9aad879 ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge

"Of course the single most important feature of a Bodhrán is its sound. Once again Christian exceeded every expectation; the HEDge sounds marvellous; deep bass, flexible tonality and crisp and clear mid and high frequency responses. Combined with the very easily interchangeable, standard 14 inch drumhead, you’ve got an almost indefinite amount of sound possibilities. A joy to play, to discover and to experiment with.

But... what astonishes me even more, is Christian’s incredible woodworking craftsmanship. His level of detail exceeds the finesses of the grain of the beautiful Ash wood. Part of the HEDge is a wooden rim, created out of 6 pieces, which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. I added some macro photo’s of the wooden connections between the parts; the beautiful fine grain of the Ash wood turns out rough, compared to the precision of the connection Christian created. And what about the 6 pieces of Wenge wood that hold the free floating tuning system in place. They fit seamlessly into the frame of the Bodhran; you can neither see nor feel the seam.
Check the photos... Enlarge them... I’m puzzled... I better start playing... From now on I’m living my live on the HEDge ;-)

Cheers, Michel"

HEDgeMiguiSquare-5c07f8fb ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge
"In the course of my career as a professional musician, I have tried several bodhrans with different types of natural skins and synthetic heads, also from different manufacturers, (including the InsightLine) and sometimes played them for a long time and in different situations. No drum with synthetic skins came close to the HEDge. Not only does the HEDge offer a pleasant playing feel thanks to its concave shape, ingenious balance and comfortable weight, it is also a real beauty thanks to its aesthetic design, spectacular wood and elegant finish.
However, the most convincing thing is the sound. Not only in comparison with other synthetic head drums, the HEDge sets completely new standards. I am simply thrilled with the HEDge, all around a masterpiece!"
HEDgeWinner-f3a7c0c6 ::bodhran-info:: - HEDge
"I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the HEDge drum I won at the Craiceann raffle this year.  The sound is excellent.  Perfectly replicates a natural skin.  And I have only had to adjust the tuning once.  The sustain goes on forever.  It can be beautifully quiet and also make a statement when I need it to do that.  The workmanship is stunning.  Thank you for your dedication to bringing wonderful instruments into the world."   

€ 595,00

Netto: € 500,00
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

  • the next step bodhrán
  • diameter 40 cm
  • frame depth 14 cm
  • concave solid figured ash frame
  • HEDge Universal REMO Skyntone® Drumhead
  • tool-less tuning system
  • tool-less head change system
  • vegan
Date available: 05.12.2024
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