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N-EF 1

available, delivery time 2-4 days*

€ 39,00 (Netto: € 32,77)

Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

Made of specially selected "Makassar ebony". The special feature is the consistent click effect no matter how you hold the tipper. (Some conventional split taps only click in one or two specific position(s), because the slots do not run evenly or the wood has not remained tension-free after being slotted).

You can easily vary the intensity of the CLICK on the "N-EF 1" from a barely audible to a very loud CLICK by playing it sensitively.

The secrets of Stevie Mosies our split stick are on the one hand, the slightly slanted slots that practically rotate around the tipper. This way, several wood fibres are cut at an angle. On the other hand, the head hole which makes sure that only the flanks are touching each other when clicking. 

This design means that one of the four flanks is not simply printed in the centre of the tipper when the drumhead makes contact, but that the contact flank is guided at a slight angle to the neighbouring flank. 

This creates a kind of row-around effect. Depending on how hard you play the tipper, fewer or more flanks are triggered.

It is completely intentional and technically determined that the tipper has only one slotted end and that we have not provided a rubber ring "to adjust the click hardness" (as with our hotrod tippers). A rubber ring and a second slotted end are neither necessary nor sensible, they would even be a nuisance here as they would affect the dynamics and weighting of the tipper.

The tipper comes with a full lenght rubber coating for better grip which also stabilise the tipper and avoids a break-away of the flanks.

For all playing styles.

  • Flanks curve slightly to prevent them from being bent or becoming uneven
  • Flanks have slightly smooth edges to avoid damaging the skin of your bodhrán
  • Hollow space runs down through the centre of the head ensuring that all flanks click evenly
  • Sounds very present with a clear and defined click
  • Nice amount of bass
  • Diameter: 15/10 mm
  • Length: 22.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 20 g
The above stated tipper lengths may vary within a tolerance of several millimeters. Wood is a natural product that responds to atmospheric conditions which may affect length or playability. Also the depicted and actual woodgrain may vary
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