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N-EF 2

available, delivery time 2-4 days*

€ 45,00 (Netto: € 37,82)

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One of my new personal favourites ! The sound of this "Makassar Ebony" stick with inserted beech core is less "clicky" than the "N-EF-1", but much more defined and present than a "Hotrod" tipper. It is reminiscent of hitting a hi-hat cymbal on a drum kit. The tipper produces a louder and warmer bass tone than a normal wooden tipper and has more attack than a hotrod tipper. Even high "plops" can be played easily without losing the "ch" noise. This tipper combines the characteristics of different tippers, so you can, for example, keep the sixteenths on the hi-hat as the basic beat, but still set strong accents as with a normal wooden tipper. The groove will then (almost!) happen all by itself ;o)

The conical shape of the grip area (whether you grip the tipper at the very back, in the middle, or somewhere in between) leads to a  kind of self-locking effect for the tipper hand, which makes your playing more relaxed and easier. The tipper can hardly slip forward even with only light finger pressure (due to the wedge shape). Because of the wide back end, double-ended triplets/rolls can also be played very well, even if you hold the tipper very high up. And the further up you hold the tipper, the more momentum you get at the tipper head (leverage), the up-and-down movement can become smaller, and so your playing becomes increasingly relaxed and easier at the same volume.
The secret of this special tipper is again the slightly slanted slots around the tipper, the head bore and in this case the 4mm beech core used. The row-around effect is the same as with the "N-EF-1", but the overall structure is strengthened by a stable core, which gives you a very precise stroke. The interplay of the two different types of wood is the icing on the cake of this very special tipper.

For all playing styles

  • Head comes with a beech core and therefore produces a finer click than the N-EF 1
  • Flanks curve slightly to prevent them from being bent or becoming uneven
  • Flanks have slightly smooth edges to avoid damaging the skin of your bodhrán
  • Very fine, yet clear and defined click
  • Good amount of clear and pronounced bass
  • Tapered shape makes the tipper effortless to hold
  • Diameter: 13/10 mm
  • Length: 26 cm
  • Weight: approx. 22 g
The above stated tipper lengths may vary within a tolerance of several millimeters. Wood is a natural product that responds to atmospheric conditions which may affect length or playability. Also the depicted and actual woodgrain may vary
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