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CoreLine Black 2.0

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Date available: 25.06.2024

€ 380,00 (Netto: € 319,33)

Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping

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The CoreLine with CHangeHED skin holding system!

This is the CoreLine model that develops as you develop and can be adapted as your skills grow: Drum skins and tuning frames can be replaced and combined to match your requirements and preferences!

The elegant veneer is figured ash black, oiled and waxed. A lovely dark designod!

Basically, BLACK is the extended version of the UNIVERSAL. It has the same dimensions but offers alteration options and comes in a dark design.


  • EdlauerSelect premium goat skin drumhead
  • ChangeHED skin holding system
  • Taped for more harmonic sound
  • Skin mounting flush with outer frame. Plain, ageless design
  • Outer frame: figured ash black, oiled and waxed. A lovely dark design
  • Inner frames (tuning system): Shifted plywood made of layered laminated beech, dark stained
  • Tool-less Multi-point tuning system with open star tuners
  • Tapered skin edge, universal shaped bearing edge.
  • Comfort shaped tuning ring
  • Comfort shaped inner frame edge
  • 37cm diameter, 14cm frame depth, 1870gr.

Please note:

Following the philosophy of the CoreLine, the CLblack comes with a standard comfort tuning rim and an EdlauerSelect skin. 

I am sure these universal features will keep you happy for a long time. I consider it important to take the time to try out as many different drums as possible first to find out what your favourite sound and feel is, and to then get the combination of tuning rim and skin that’s best for you.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to start experimenting straight away. 
Take your time, play the CLblack as it is, give it time, see how the drum improves, and how your playing improves and changes.
And then, once you know exactly what you like, get the skin and tuning rim you like. Usually, the delivery times for extra tuning rims and skins are very short – mostly not longer than 4 weeks.

So please don’t rush it - take your time.

Natural skin! Colouring may differ from the pictures shown above!
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