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  • Hit The Goat - Guido Plüschke

Hit The Goat - Guido Plüschke

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This DVD by my friend and colleague Guido Plüschke is designed for the interested person with no previous knowledge and the previously self-taught player. The basic techniques are shown and explained step by step. Knowledge of sheet music is not necessary, as all strumming patterns are taught in tablature form.

The student then dives into the world of Irish folk and learns the two most important rhythms of Irish music, the reel and the jig. The ornamentation, which is important for Irish music, is also explained in the form of triplets. Furthermore, the first steps and techniques with the back hand are shown. This is used for sound modulation. The student is also introduced to the structure of Irish instrumental music.

The individual techniques of all chapters are learned in the form of small repeatable exercises and played to the music of two studio musicians. At the end, all left and right hand techniques are applied in arrangements for the reel and jig.

Bonus material:

  • 90-minute featurette by Willie Burger about Guido and his life as a bodhrán player.
  • A short overview of the history of the bodhrán, narrated by Guido
  • Bodhrán solo by Guido
  • complete tune sets played by Irish musicians, with bodhrán accompaniment by Guido

About Guido

Guido Plüschke is the only full-time German bodhrán teacher. He has been playing the bodhrán since 1990 and has been teaching the instrument throughout Germany since 1996. In countless workshops, the Hamburg native imparts his knowledge to interested people of all playing levels. In 2004 Guido wrote his master's thesis on the history of the development of the bodhrán at the University of Lüneburg. He is a co-founder of the renowned German Bodhrán Weekend and a sought-after lecturer and guest musician on various national and international CD productions. In 2008 he was the first non-Irish to win 3rd place at the World Bodhrán Championships in Ireland. In 2012 he won the silver medal at the German Rock and Pop Award in the category "best percussionist".

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