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  • RWE-Grip SlapMo
  • RWE-Grip SlapMo

RWE-Grip SlapMo

available, delivery time 2-4 days*

€ 46,00 (Netto: € 38,66)

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A classic bamboo hotrod that has a nice patchy sound. This sound is loved by players like Martin O'Neill, and John Joe Kelly. When closed, it can also produce plop sounds! I have been searching high and low to find a tipper with that special "slap sound".

The RWE-Grip SlapMo has 14 bamboo dowels individually sanded to avoid damage to the skin – diameter 3 mm each, with a very long curved (rounded) tip. This shape is what gives the tipper its typical slap sound! 

The RWE-Grip provides a special grip
We have developed this tipper grip to provide a perfect handle for all situations and to ensure a secure grip. All RWE-Grip tippers have the MoGrip shape, but are additionally covered with a red shrink hose. This has worked extremely well in my hands, even in very fast playing situations. The RWE-Grip allows a slightly looser grip, as nothing slips, and thus enables relaxed playing.

The stability and elasticity of the dowels is tested individually with a specially designed test method. Only absolutely flawless dowels have what it takes to become a RWE-Grip tipper!  

What makes the MoGrip series special is that the player gets the same shape of handle for all types of tippers! Regardless of whether you use a hot rod, a click tipper, a brush or simply a classic stick, the grip will al-ways feel the same.

A ball-shaped part in just the right position – the MoBall – makes sure the tipper doesn’t slip, which is particularly handy for beginners using this playing style. The MoBall allows you to hold the tipper loosely and therefore makes it easy to control, which is very important for this way of playing.

The optimum weight and length of each type of tipper in relation to this fixed point is then determined. For weight distribution reasons, the MoGrip handles have a small hollow space at the back. This is necessary to balance the total weight in relation to the weight of the head. To give this hole another useful purpose, it is tuned to concert pitch (A = 440 Hz). ;-)

Thanks to the stability of the wooden handle and the resulting smaller length of the individual dowels of the MoGrip hot rod tippers, only one single O-ring is required to adjust the click behaviour. 

RWE-Grip version exlusively for bodhran-info.

  • THAT slap sound
  • RWE-Grip for a secure grip
  • 14 bamboo dowels, inidividually sanded (3 mm)
  • lenght 24,5 cm
  • weight 27 g
  • Moving Mass – 8-10g (depending on the holding point)
  • made by Stevie Moises
  • Grip: Yew Tree
Customers please take special care with the handling of the dowels, because they are a wee bit sensitive. Close the tipper with the o-ring while carrying in a tipper case. Avoid using to make rimshots, make sure that the stick can not get caught in loose clothes or necklace etc.We test each single dowel with an extreme bending before we use it for the stick, we cannot any responsibility for eventually broken dowels. Disclaimer:The above stated tipper lenghts may vary within a tolerance of several millimeters. Wood is a natural product that responds to atmospheric conditions which may affect length or playability. Also the depicted and actual woodgrain may vary
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