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In 2005, I developed the drum of my dreams together with Christian Hedwitschak. Christian decided to call it the RWE (Rolf Wagels Edition). I wanted a Lambeg skin on a my drum, and with the help of Seamus O'Kane we managed to source these skins in the North of Ireland. It was also important to me that the drum features a tool-less tuning system.

In the RWE all my demands for a high end drum are fullfilled: Not only a great design with brilliant usabiltiy, but also a universal sound.
The Lambeg skins are produced using methods refined over centuries in the North of Ireland. For the RWE and the skins offered here, we choose homogeneous, not too thick skins, mostly without spine. (In some cases we use skins with the spine, but only if the spine is thin and unobtrusive). The skin reacts quickly and has a great range of tones. 
For us, the Lambeg skin has to come from a good maker in the North of Ireland, one who makes Lambeg drums and cures the skins with his traditional methods and ingredients. this is what we call a genuine Lambeg skin. 

  • Genuine Lambeg skin
  • IsolatHED technology
  • Compressor tuning rim
  • Toolless tuning system
  • High quality by Hedwitschak
  • Exclusive design
  • 40 cm diameter, 15,3 cm depth

Every single RWE drum goes through my hands to ensure top quality.
It carries my name, so I want to make sure all the drums are in brilliant shape and sound the way I would expect it. The RWE is a high end classic drum that established itself in the international bodhran scene in the last couple of years.

Including accessory package (saves 15€): RWE-Tipper of your choice AND HEDcase 40.

The Lambeg skin will settle in the first 3-6 months, depending on the skin and how much you play. You will notice now that the skin reacts quickly to weather changes and even if somebody opens a door, it will react. This will stop once the skin has settled. Also, you will get more bass over the next couple of months. Sometimes, these changes are gradually, but esp. with the Lambeg skin, the change may occur from one day to another.
Natural skin! Colouring may differ from the pictures shown above!
Quantity in stock: 2

  • Signature series bodhrán
  • diameter 40 cm
  • frame depth 15,3 cm
  • Genuine Lambeg skin
  • IsolatHED technology
  • compressor tuning frame
  • tool-less tuning system
  • red fiddle bottom maple veneer
  • classic design
€ 580,00
RWE-Grip Tipper

Together with Stevie Moises we have developed this tipper grip to provide a perfect handle for all situations and to ensure a secure grip. The result are not only MoGrip tippers, but also the unique RWE-Power, a solid wood tipper with an embedded shrink tube.This construction is unique in the world of bodhrán and a masterpiece of tipper maker Stevie Moises.

Please select the required Tipper

RWE-Grip RockMo
RWE-Grip RockMo
Quantity in stock: Unlimited

  • the rock star
  • length 25 cm
  • weight ca. 29 g
€ 33,00
€ 48,00
RWE-Grip SlapMo
RWE-Grip SlapMo
Quantity in stock: Unlimited

  • THAT slap sound
  • lenght 24,5 cm
  • weight 25 g
€ 31,00
€ 46,00
RWE-Grip JazzMo
RWE-Grip JazzMo
Quantity in stock: Unlimited

  • from jazzy to smooth
  • lenght 24,5 cm
  • weight 26 g
€ 37,00
€ 52,00
RWE-Grip RWE-Power
RWE-Grip RWE-Power
Quantity in stock: Unlimited

  • Most powerful
  • lenght 25 cm
  • weight 32 g
€ 33,00
€ 48,00
HEDcase40 Bodhrán Rucksack
HEDcase40 Bodhrán Rucksack
Quantity in stock: Unlimited

  • The backpack that has it all!
  • Tipper bag
  • SkinProtectionBag
  • inside and outside pockets!
  • For drums up to 40x16 cm
€ 99,00
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