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  • TrHED figured ash brown
  • TrHED figured ash brown
  • TrHED figured ash brown
  • TrHED figured ash brown
  • TrHED figured ash brown

TrHED figured ash brown

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The TrHED is, as the name suggests, a more 'traditional' bodhrán.  The TrHED has a clear role model in the sound character and the basic design: the legendary Charlie Byrne bodhrán. Charlie Byrne, now sadly deceased, was perhaps the first famous professional bodhrán maker. He had strong influence in the development of the bodhrán and had characterized the 'typical bodhrán sound' of old recordings, for example De Danann.

Over the years, and influenced by other musicians, the TrHED was further refined, and now presents itself in a mature and contemporary, but still fully traditional design.

The TrHED would just tie here and make the 'old sound' again a bit more attractive and available.

  • 45 cm diameter (18")
  • Ap. 14 cm deep frame (5,6")
  • Tool-less 10-point tuning system. Smooth-running and made for low-tention-tuning. Even at low tention the adjusters will not loosen themself.
  • Frame made of figured ash brown finish
  • Special selected "Standard" goat skin. Thick quality and the spine at 2/3 of the playing area.
  • Transparent tape" coating (instead of usual black tape) for more harmonic overtone behaviour.
  • Only-nail skin attachment

Male goat skins may be slightly smelling of goat. However, this only emphasises the traditional character of this particular drum.

A quick warning: This is not a drum for inexperienced players. In the wrong hands, this drum is a weapon and a session killer. In the right hands, however, the drum produces a bordun-like bass, a crisp dry attack and a powerful, earthy, almost hypnotic overall sound.

Natural skin! Colouring may differ from the pictures shown above!
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